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Produce content at scale using influential creators.

InfluencerTechnologies is our self- service end-to-end solution that provides powerful insights and tools for creator discovery, creator relationships, campaign management and campaign reporting.

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Our Vetted Network

We believe in quality over quantity. We don’t just allow anyone with a following onto our platform – we have a rigorous vetting process whereby we analyse follower trends, engagement metrics and even quality of content creation. Use our extensive match-making search tool to find the creators that best suit your brand and access in-depth follower demographic analytics.

Produce content at scale using influential creators.

Access In Depth Data-Driven Reports

Review the results of your campaign as the content goes live. Measure the growth in engagement and audience, while finding out the location of where those engaged are from. We provide a one-click report featuring in-depth analysis of the campaign’s overall performance as well as detailed statistics of each creator’s post. We also provide CPM and CPE breakdowns, to show exactly where your money is going.

Produce content at scale using influential creators.

Accelerate Paid Social Campaigns

License the content produced by our creators for additional advertising campaigns; this can help to prevent ad fatigue, as well as attract customers from other directions. Creators are specialists in appealing to their target audiences. Re-use their campaign content to appeal to audiences of similar interests.

Produce content at scale using influential creators.

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