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The Influencer team is led by some of the top industry experts and leading entrepreneurs in influencer marketing and social media. Our leaders do not stop at innovation, they also aim to educate. Between them, they cover a range of specialist topics, including influencer marketing, digital marketing and young entrepreneurship, and on which they can offer fantastic insight and advice. If you would like one of our experts to come and share their expertise and entrepreneurial story with you and your team, please do get in touch with hester@influencer.com.


EXPERT ON: Influencer Marketing, Young Entrepreneurship, Affiliate Marketing, Personal Branding, Social Media

At 15, Influencer founder and CEO Ben Jeffries had already set up his first business called Breeze, it was a clothing company of modest success born off the back of a slang phrase him and his friends used to throw around. It was a small-time business, but it provided the spark of inspiration that led Ben to drop out of Bath University and build Influencer, one of the UK’s largest influencer marketing companies. He’s now 22.

Ben has led Influencer to become an industry-leading business in marketing’s hottest sector, raising their first round of investment on Crowdcube in under 24 hours. Ben has since partnered up with Youtube sensation Caspar Lee, as a co-founder and appointed him CMO whilst leading his team to close a further investment round for Influencer. In 2017, he was labeled as one of the young entrepreneurs to watch by Alphr, CMI and Startups.co.uk. More recently, Ben was invited to be keynote speaker at the UK’s largest Business Show, as well as speaking at Accenture, Social Day and AffiliateFEST, to name a few. Ben has been nominated for numerous awards by global companies such as the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards and BMW i UK Tech Founder Awards. Ben was also recently named as Media Week’s Rising Star: Media Owner 2018.



EXPERT ON: YouTube, Influencer Marketing, Young Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Video Content and Editing

With a following of over 18 million, Caspar is one of the world’s biggest YouTubers. The London-born South African rose to fame after creating his YouTube channel in 2011 and has since collaborated with celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Dwayne Johnson, and Channing Tatum, as well as other YouTubers, such as Joe Sugg and Conor Maynard.

Caspar has also experienced incredible success separate from YouTube. In 2015, he and fellow YouTube star Joe Sugg, wrote, starred in and executive produced the travelogue specials ‘Joe and Caspar: Hit the Road’ and ‘Hit the Road USA’, which set pre-order DVD sales records for Amazon, and both of which are available on Netflix. In 2016, he took the lead role in his first feature, ‘Laid in America’, alongside YouTube comedian KSI. He recently released his memoir Caspar Lee, which he co-wrote with his mother.

Caspar had been creating content for YouTube for nearly 7 years before transferring his skills to marketing and management. In 2017, Caspar joined Influencer as Co-Founder and CVO, before founding Margravine Management, alongside Joe Sugg. In 2018, Caspar became Head of Digital Marketing for clothing brand American Freshman.

Following his success he has interviewed the likes of YouTube’s CBO, Robert Kyncl, and recently spoke alongside Richard Branson at a South African panel focusing on entrepreneurship and business knowledge. He was also the host of ‘The BRIT Awards 2017 Worldwide Live Stream’. He is currently developing a TV series and working on a new business venture.



EXPERT ON: YouTube, Influencer Marketing, Young Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Creator-Brand Events, Video Editing

Born and raised in South Africa, Joshua Pieters launched his YouTube channel in 2015 and has since amassed over a million subscribers on YouTube alone. Josh posts numerous pranks, challenges, vlogs, and other fun related content to his social media, and in late 2016, his fresh take on social media and his natural instinct for comedy caught the eye of Viacom giant Comedy Central, who offered him the opportunity to showcase his skills in his very own Comedy Central show ‘Josh Investigates’. ‘Josh Investigates’ first aired in 2017 and then again for a second series in 2018. A third series is on the cards for 2019.

Aside from the entertainment side of the influencer industry, in 2017 Josh also became a shareholder in Influencer.com and was appointed ‘Marketing Director’. In this role, Josh plays a huge part in Influencer’s events, both in the organisation beforehand and the running of the night. For example, Josh has sat on and hosted a number of Influencer’s panels, both brand and creator focussed.



EXPERT ON: Influencer Marketing, ASA Guidelines, Influencer Fraud, Digital Marketing, Campaign Management, Campaign Creative

Nik has over 10 years experience in the marketing industry and, having previously worked as Influencer Manager at Socialyse and as Account Manager at fashion e-commerce platform ShopStyle, he is somewhat of an influencer marketing expert. Now, as Influencer Head of Client Services, Nik is responsible for the running of many of our biggest campaigns.

Nik has a special interest in the ASA and their Influencer Marketing Guidelines and the issue of Influencer Fraud. He has spoken on these topics to various publications, including The Drum, and at a number of different panels and podcasts.


If you would like one of our experts to come and share their expertise and entrepreneurial story with you and your team, please do get in touch with hester@influencer.com.